A Kid Friendly Place To Play Free Disney Games

Keeping Kids Safe Online Even though we live in a highly advanced society, we still need to be able to provide our kids with a safe haven to relax and have fun. Trying to find places online we feel comfortable with can be exhausting since each website has to be searched for and then reviewed in order to make sure it truly is geared to a “G” rated audience.

The Search Is On After spending countless hours searching through kids party favors, kids toys, kids names, kids issues, etc, parents may find a handful of websites that meet their tough standards, but may not pass the ‘two thumbs up’ rules by the kids – even if they’re really great websites, kids might not be so enthusiastic about butterfly farms, prehistoric dinosaurs, and images of the solar system after about 15 minutes.

Kid Games And Interactive Fun Parents need a website that they know will entertain kids and still allow them to develop the skills they need to feel confident about using the computer keyboard and mouse, while at the same time, comfortable enough to navigate drop-down menus, nav bars, and call to action buttons on their own. The internet is a great place to build confidence for children of all ages and regular access allows them the opportunity to interact and grow with modern technology at their own pace.

Video Creates A Whole New World Thanks to YouTube and Google, almost every premium website offers a choice of video movies to their web visitors. The use of Multimedia is an engaging way to entertain and educate users about their current products, services, or news item, but for kids… something with a little bit more “oomph” is needed. Something a little bit more magical.

Vivid Lights, Color and Video Games You will know immediately when you have found a website that will get the kids stamp of approval, because it will make you, the parent, a little more curious about a brightly colored link and you will want to know if you click it, what will happen next? A perfect example of this is from the online Disney Game designed from the movie “Ratatouille” where you match wits against the computer to play a memory game.

Free Stuff The Kids Will Love Best of all, parents can let the kids play online games as long as they want to without having to pay a dime. Even the Download games are free for 30 minutes, so the kids will know instantly if it’s too hard, or if they like the game and may want it as a birthday gift, etc. Most importantly, you as the parent have provided your child a fun, safe and educational place to be while online.

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